Etiqueta: CRM – Customer Relationship Management

For companies, it is vital to plan a strategy with the aim of increasing client loyalty and acquiring new market share. Customer Relationship Management is an essential tool for an expanding, forward-looking company.

Client Data are the corporate asset of the organization. The quality of the data is a key factor in order to ensure the actions performed through CRM are effective for the business. This is why it is important to be fully aware of the potential of a strategic tool like BeOne’s CRM, which improves client management, the interaction between the company departments and boosts productivity.

BeOne’s Customer Relationship Management is integrated with electronic documents archiving, the Warehouse Management System and the Transportation Management System and with Business Intelligence, which enables the dashboards and tools for the creation of targeted reports to be managed. With the use of BeOne Analytics, it is possible to get to know more about the client through the extraction and analysis of data from CRM, in order to develop a personalised commercial offer.